Wednesday, August 03, 2005

wed 2...something... I have no idea of dates

Some of the people on the bus decided to bug out of the trip for a couple of days to spend more time in Rotorura. But myself and others carried on regardless to our next destination and we where joined by the mad and crazy canadian travel Agent Lesley... (who loves ya Babe). If you ever want to travel and you are atravel agent you have it sorted.. she pretty much gets discounts and freebies everywhere! unbeleivable!

Any wqay the main activity for today, and yet another way NZ has Sapped more of my money was in Wiatomo.

In this Area there are a huge amount of cave networks and a bunch of us decided to do Black water rafting in them. Now for the unitiated in this activity. It involves travelling underground on a large rubber ring in complete darkness at times through cold running river water... so cool.

the best bits as well was that there were Glow worms all through the caves. and they looked so cool when we switched off our head lamps in the complete darkness and see these long glowing strands of liquid green light danling from the ceiling. We also had to jump off water fall into water 3-4 metres down with our ring.... needless to say we got completely soaked. But my persoanl highli8ght was when we had left most of the white water int eh caves and where just drifting in utter darkeness with the river the cave current pushing us along gently and after a while you see a faint light of the day at the end of the cave that comes into view proper once we went around the courner. then we walked out into a lush fern ridden forest that was reminiscent of something from jules vernes Lost world. Amazing. Not much else to report apart from the fact that Stacy fell over about 10 times in the cave.. he he he he.
laters... Ps reall up date.. I am flying out to Fiji Today give me heat!!