Monday, August 22, 2005

OK wollongong.

So the previous day Emma and myself that since she wasn't working the next day that we should do something else the next day that she hadn't done. So delving into the copies of Lonely planet before us we looked at the around Sydney section and found Wollongong with the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere.

We stopped off first in wollongong itself In the hope of finding a bike hire place in order to cycle around the area. But eh shop was not to be found. Stopping into a swank beach side cafe/Bar for lunch we asked about the best way to get there. Once they found out that we had no car they suggested that we could walk it.. And it would take about 1hr. Hell they even drew us a map .

Now this is the thing with people who drive anywhere. They have no idea how long it actually it takes to walk to a place especially if the route is meandering. We started to worry about where we were going when we haven't even passed Bluescope steel factory which was early on the map. Em's foot was going crazy painful. And although the scenery of town was nice, the same can't be said of the the steel works and the accompanying industrial park. We are pretty sure that walking along a road that had the noise level of the M25 did nothing for our lungs and the back of our throats had a distinct tingle to them, the sort you get when you have inhaled something BAD.

But after get this... 3 hrs let me repeat that. 3 HRS we got there utterly exhausted and high off of the local fumes. But with only 15 mins to look around things at the temple. I can now tell you that the Dalai Lama visited this temple and said of it it was a 'Lilly in a sea of shit!!'. But on the plus side we did get to see the temple at sunset and it was pretty beautiful but whether it was worth the Gruelling and unending walk is another matter!! My advice is Never go to Wollongong ! Ever.

ok that is now off of my chest. Let me update you on some of the other things that I have been up to. I went for a swim in the Australian swimming Pool here in Sydney which was fun. Went out to the Opera bar by ...Well the Opera house here and had some rather pricey ( well for a backpacker any way) wine. But a good night was had by all. Also and this apparently is a very touristy thing to do but i noticed the bats flying over the Harbour bridge at night. It is so cool. The locals are blasee about it but hey apparently live in the botanical gardens nearby and the bugs that are attracted to the harbor bridge lights, make a nice meal for the bats. So you see these lights reflect off of their bodies.

And A big thank you also to Emma and Kathryn because they are letting me stay at their flat ( the one I helped them move into) for a few days 4-5 days before I go up to the Cairns and also when I get back, completely free. They are complete gems!!

How I landed on feet that meant that I could stay with these two I have no Idea! But it's fantastic. Free accommodation and great company, what else could a guy want for...

ps Sydney Thrashed ....let me say that again..thrashed! Melbourne yesterday at the AFL match. A fun day out. Will update you soon with more Sydney tales next time I am online.