Thursday, August 11, 2005

My last SFentry

I have had this written up for ages but not had a chance to write this up yet to the net... this is the blog from my last night in San Francisco... And as they say I left my heart in frisco... I want it back ok!!Well it has been a busy week, If only i could remeber what it was that I have been doing...

I sort have been bumming around town and visting lots of little places.. but nothing of any major consequence.

But on the other hand my alcholism is coming along really well. 2 nights ago.. it was free beer night at the Hostel (I know Free beer!!!) it was also a open mic night as well. Most of the acts where so so.. except for this one woman (girl) who has this almost pip squeeky voice... now when i was discussing her with everyone else round the table (all women) they said that all the men said that she had a sexy voice but they could n't see (or hear) it themselves. I then had to put them in our position and describe what it would be like to be seranaded by a guy with a potet yet unusual voice...

After the free beer had run out I made a new friend, Mr Lemon Bacardi. Everyone round the table also got to know him very well and he next morning.. e veryone wished they hadn't...ouch.

If you are ever in San fran or cailfornia in general there is something you need to check out Called Craigs List. it was one of the possibilites of how i was going to get down to LA on friday to fly to NEw zealand... It is a fantastic website where people can find out about ride shares and much more... check it out.. and if you want a laughcheck out teh casual encounters section. heh heh. in the end though I heard nothing back from the Craigs list which is a shame so I had to do the thing i dreaded most.. get the GREY HOUND... DUM DUM DAH...


I don't know if i wrote how much i hated it from my time going down the east coast of America.. but it wasn't something I was looking forward to... In the end though it was uneventfall, except we had the looniest job worthy bus driver ever... if had told us how to hold our penises while we were having a piss in the rest room it wouldn't have surprised me.

one fo the other things i wanted to add was to saywhere i got the idea for my Tattoo, when i was onthe green tortoise trip that took me to all of the National Parks there was girl called Nic who was origainally from New Zealand but had been working as a teacher in North carolina, she had a tatto in mandarin chinese on here ankle that said teacher. I though that was the was to tattoos, somehting meaningfull to your self. Cheers Nic for the Idea.

Going back to things I have been up to this week, thursday night was my last night out in town, and just like a sinking ship I was determined to take everyone down with me. We first hit a place where all the drinks were $1 each for an hour... I know. so we freely abused that privilage. By the way when i say we, the posse Last night consisted of.. If I can remember it and spell their names correctly

Miraim, Kirstie, Stu, Helen, Frances, Alisha, and a load of other people.

Highlights from the night include:
Stu drinking too much in the $1 rinks place and being thown out of the Cat Club after only about half an hour.
Getting a Cab down to the first drinks place and all of us haing a discussion about Breast sizes... Helen's FF to start with... while our stoical taxi river drove on in utter silence

Me dancing like a cheap slut most of the night with at least 8 different non Hostel women. And I think 2 of them snogged me... Details are stetchy at present but apparently all that but wiggling thing I can do is very popular. Thank god i took those 20-30 weeks of Dance mania classes years ago... Oh just had a flash back.. one girl did grab my crotch.

Feeling sad about leaving all these great people I had meet along all of Travels here in the green Trotoise. Boo Hoo
Wierdo german guy that was chatting up the lovely australian women in our group (sorry can't remeber your name), I had to intercept him a few times... bit of a loony apparently.
When the foot loose song came on and I opened up a can of dancin whoop ass on the Americans, they are so easily impressed
Playing late night pool with Kirstie and Serious pool playing girl looking on in dismay.
Staying up till 5 in the morning withthe lovely flora and kirstie listening to Sintra (Nancy and Frank).

Seriously though i can't recmmend the place enough... food, fun, entertainment and so much more. and the greatest people int he world who work there and in the tour buses. Love to all of you.

And to all of you travellers i meet there. thanks for making it a great experience and it is entirely possible i will be seeing you again sometime soon... keep in in touch Y'all