Monday, June 06, 2005

Busy weekend

So I would like to update you on the past few days.. First of all on the work side everything is fine... Though that should be no surprise I hope. Come on... Although I may not 'actually' have run teacher workshops previously, presentation skills and charm can work a long way here in the USA. I would like to qualify that the content that we had presented has been top notched.

I would like to point out that this was initially written at about 03.30 am in the morning on, so the grammar and more likely the spelling is going to be completely rubbish.

But what about the rest of my time.

Well after spending about half a day preparing the next week's teacher workshops we had quite a lot time spare at the end of a Friday afternoon. So one of the rooms we had been using to prepare the teacher handbooks/binders was given to us by Judy, it had been her birthday so we headed to apple annies on Palmetto for her b'day bash.

Honestly I had a lot of fun in introducing drinking games to a population that have no concept of them. Heh heh and the consequence s and revelations that ensure them from them.

So for instance when a son find out about a parent's sex life and then proceed to say that 'you told me you that you spilled some milk.'

one thing that have been finding interesting is that people have been underestimating my age here in USA, not that is a bad thing mind you as vanity is a beast that must always be feed. Apparently with my devilish good looks, I come across as 26. When someone who is supposedly 3-4 years older than me calls me 'A child' it not only my raises blood pressure but my ire as well! So there was only one way to deal with such a challenge. Not pistols at dawn but tequila in the evening. 4 of them. By the end of the evening I think I had fared worse than I had...

After this intial drinking and festivites some of us headed to the 321 bar, where we bared witness to the scariest dancing to Hip Hop music I have seen in a while. I got Driven back at about 03:30 in the morning. After a having to get up about 5 hrs after I had gone to sleep. We headed to Charleston.

On the route we stopped to recover the a box turtle on the road as well as to get an egg mcmuffin. Word of warning don't get those two confused, damn I need some dentures.

I wandered around charleston a little aimlessly beofre hitting the mellow Mushroom Pizeria withthe rest of the gang.

In the afternoon Mark, Andrew and myself checked out eh aquarium and then we head back to the main street here Kings street and I did some end of day window shopping.

I was talking to the people who ran the shop, and I have to say out of the many places I have been in the states so far I have yet to feel as genuinely welcome (when going into a shop) as I had in this one and Tori is a bad person ( you know you are !!) as I had initially went in to have a quick look around and ended up buying a shorts and flip flops. I shouldn't be surprised by the fact that I buy and listen more to a girls who are cute/attractive. Curse this Y chromosome!

I knew the guys and gals in the shop where my type of people, I hope! So I asked them for recommendations for what to do on a Saturday night. Tori for those of you who don't know me as well as you should is the name of what used to be one my favorite singers. Anyway Tori recommended that I head to one of two places, either the wild Wing just off king street her in Charleston, or 2 13 in the market district

Big shout out to Tori/Clifton and the other girl whose name I didn't get but who had studied at the Sourbon, Paris. Give me some contact details please, I would love to hook up with you guys in the future let me know.

Food that night was quite nice at the thai restaurant which had a blues/soul and playing.

Perry is a complete star, he had gone out to a shop in the area and got three hand rolled cigars, in a place where they roll the cigars in front of you. I will leave out a physical description of the woman, surfice to say that she won't be appearing in an issue of playboy soon.

Went separate ways I headed to the recommendation of Tori, 213, Cheesy eighties music, how could I resist such bad tunes. An ultimate incentive for me if ever I heard one.

So lots of music and dancing later...

It is crazy to think that I could bump into A another german girl here in charleston. Some girl who had been working as an au pair but was now going into hotel management. Just goes to prove a point that I have heard from many people.. that no mattter where you go in the world you will allways bump into a German/UK person... we sure get around! Comments please

On the way back form the club about 5 mins from the hotel I bump into Debs and Mark, who where also heading back. And although it is hard to tell, It was an absolute coincidence/chance that it happened. Bloody coincidence city!

oh and just to point out hat I think that I have made changes enough to my systemn that anybody can commenton my blog .. let me know what you think of this shit I am writting and what else you want to know?

I will write up Sunday and Monday tomorrow.