Monday, June 13, 2005

Guns & Golf - Gig Later

So Saturday was the Guns/Golf/Gig weekend
4 of us headed to Myrtle beach around lunchtime, after a a quick subway lunch we went looking for the Pistol Gun range. Now the directions we had for the first gun range. We took a turning off the main road to where it was meant to be and found our selves in just the wrong sort of district, a couple of trailers and a bad cars did not fill us with confidence.

we took one look down the the tiny off road and said to our selves... This has got to be the wrong area to go up to a house and say. Yeah me and these tourists want to shoot guns...

So we went to the second target range instead, quelle surprise. The next place had some great hand guns, i was firing off i believe a gloch 9mm. 60 round and a little more adrenalin later!!

debs had a amazing time, first shoot in the right eye.. second shot in the throat, and the forth hit the other eye!

We then hit the 3 par golf range, which is very surprising since it took me an average of 7 shots to get ball into each hole. so my career as a golfer is not going to take off soon.

Don't have a lot of time at the mo to write this so I will tell you abou the Ryan Adams gig I went to a little later.