Thursday, June 09, 2005

To add

As well as running the life science activities I have been leading on the design challenge here for the the last 2 weeks and next. That we run when we run with both teachers and children.

The fun part of the role that I have is the intro to the event and what they need to do to complete the challenge. Build a propeller powered car to go across a variety of surfaces... Etc...

but the really fun and very self indulgent bit is when we have to race the vehicles. Because then I become the ultimate in a wrestling/sports commentator. It is so much fun!!!!

I had the audience in the palm of my hand. All 150 of them. I even had them doing the clapping and slapping and sing from Queen's we will rock you.

craziness... heh heh

And because the rest of the team did such a good job on the teachers binders we now have a three day weekend ahead of us! This is going to include:

shooting guns
VIP lounge in the myrtle beach Super Club "Club Kryptonite"
GOING TO SHOOT GUNS. Did i mention that already?
and seeing Ryan (not Bryan before you ask) Adams live in a venue with 200-300 people.

One thing I haven't updated you on was the drag strip racing I saw last night... Absolutely amazing. But since I don't have a lot of time and the photos to hand I will give you and update on the drag strip racing later today or early tomorrow.