Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Working here.

Latest update is that with only just over a week to go the theacher I have been working with have still been fantastic. I am going to be missing this all ias I start to bum around the West coast. They have been really friendly and responsive. I am so surpised that my appaling sese of humour works with them. Today I have been with teahcers (Key stage 1-2 kids in the UK) running with them DNA extractions from Kiwi Fruit, microscopes demos, gelatin model cells and Body ratio workshops.

ps this is another photo from Charleston at the weekend.

And apparently the person who caled me a 'child', Despite the fact she was only 4 years older, felt a little bad/lost memory after 4 tequilas... She had said that she could eassily outdo me at drinking. A foolish move. But a good night out none the less.