Friday, June 17, 2005

Lots of things to say about not about any 1 thing

I am reaching the end of my time here in South Carolina, I have already said my goodbyes to Perry, Colleen, Andreka, Mark. I t has been an amazing time.. Despite the erratic and extreme weather here.. How English is that of me to be talking about the weather all the time. But it has been crazy. Considering the 'bland English weather i am used to. You should see the corn around here, when i got here 4 weeks ago nothing, now over 4 feet tall.

Anyway, we unpacked everything back at base from the school workshops we had done. I feel sorry for the team who have to sort through and re-pack it all. What has been particularly fun for me has been organizing the design challenge here with the kids and teachers on Thursday. It involved them getting into small groups and building something that could travel across terrains. I feel that in a previous life I was a wrestling commentator.

One of the activities we have been running is about measuring length of various parts of the body. Now imagine you are in a room with a load of female teachers, it doesn't take a genius to work out what sort of jokes followed. Apparently our in depth research has worked out that a hand's width is about the same size as er.. um.. well .. you know what i mean.

I have been eating out pretty much every night... it seems to be a national obsession. I was saying.. in fact over dinner tonight at Ruby Tuesday, that i have eaten out more times in the past month with Science Southern I have in the past year living in London. Scary. But with The green tortoise trip I will be taking I will be back to a really simple vegetarian meal every day. I have also probably eaten more seafood in the past month as the last year. Not quite true but it sounds good.

One of the best things to do though it has to be said is to be able to sit down after getting home at about 16.00 and sitting out on the patio ad just having a single solitary cold beer. And do absolutely Nothing... thoroughly deserved after having to wake up at at about 05.30am. A time which should never exist in my daily schedule..

Florence has left me with many good memories and some interesting times. And also a few scars... Namely the one on my elbow from the smoke stack on the truck.

I went to Books a million in town ( the only book shop in town! And the only place to buy a New York Times) and bought my self a new book. "stiff" not some porn related thing. More the history of scientific history of the use dead bodies and apparently necrophillia is only illegal in 13 states in the USA and only got banned in 1969 in one state. Just thought that that was a fact you all needed to know

I have some fantastic shots from the schools and workshops but I am waiting for them all to come in, I also need to get a few from Andrew.. Once i have them all I will post them to show you some of the stuff I have been up to in the week

So tomorrow at 5.00am I have to get up and head to Charlotte.

San Francisco here I come.