Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nature trail - Late night

We managed to get special permission to check out te Lynches river state Park near Florence after dark... pretty cool, the best thing was the fireflies that were going crazy around dusk..

We wandered around for about 1-2 hrs on a variety of trails, and it got gradually darker and darker as you can see from some of my shots (long exposure night shots). We saw some baby snakes tadpoles, in the gentle river banks, frogs, lizards and more.

The trails we took are infested at times with Mozzies. People might have thought we were doing some contemporary interpretive dance from the way we were moving to get the things to go away.

Now as you may have guessed from some of my postings it has been HOT and STICKY here and not in a good way... Like um ... Bread dough?

100% humidity and temperatures ranging 90-100 F pretty much every day for the past 2 weeks.

We are talking hot.

It is hard not to berate the Americans for their huge use of AC until you have lived here... The only way to survive is to pretty much move from one AC area to another and don't spend too much time on the outside...

unbearably hot and apparently it is also going to be getting hotter tomorrow... The Scariest thing is I now have a distinct tan. I have tried to get the sun in the afternoon when it is less powerful and the humidity is a little less.

As you may know I will be flying out to San Fran this Friday, so this week is the last week with ScienceSouth. It has been a fantastic time down here but as with all things it is time to move on.

And i still need to write up the Ryan Adams gig (after shooting guns and playing golf) I went to at the weekend, I will do it I promise. I just did this first because it is foremost in my mind from tonight.