Friday, June 10, 2005

Drag & Burning food

So Wednesday we went out to the drag strip to watch people race their cars.

It is just outside of Darlington, close to the original race track of the Nascar race.

If you follow these links I will upload a few mini videos of the racing cars going along the 1/4 mile track.

apparently it was a quiet night and but once it gets really going, 10-20K can be swapping hands over the outcome of a race...
Very scary
Motor bike
Power cars
BMW vs Infinity
These are 3-5 mb files so it will take some time to download if you want to see these mean machines power down that track.

You get a whole load of people who have spent $1000s on their cars with Nitrox input, light aluminum weight frames etc. But also just guys wanting to put there own normal cars as well down the track

you should see some of the face off between the bikers though scary especially the way they heat their tires up on the track and create huge plumes of smoke by speeding their back well on the road... The road is now pretty much made of burnt rubber because of all the deposits

Thursday we went out to Carolina wings, and being the foolish and impetuous thing that I am, I decided to go for some shrimp.

Not that scary you might be thinking, but, you get to choose the sauce and I went for the one for which you had to sign a waiver. Serious. It had things on there about the cause choking hazard and nausea hazards on there.

So i tried the food and it pretty much the hottest food I have ever tried... It hurt that night and the following day. If you know what I mean. A deep burning peppery pain.

Today I will also try to write up about the gig/golf/guns weekend I have just had.