Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Update Monday

So let me give you the shivvy on the next few plans with me... I will be heading to San Francisco! Yeah baby.

I know I was planning to do the whole the going down Florida thing but I just wanted to get on with it and head out west. Especially since I got into the water on Sunday near Charleston and just felt a bizarre and desperate need to do some surfing. Sorry I meant paddling, jumping on the board and falling

And in a bid to get there at the right time I will be flying out from Charlotte, North Carolina at 11.00pm and arriving there after two stops at SFO.
then I will be taking the Green Tortoise around the national parks there. Which will include Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and the Valley of fire. 16 days on the road with some other people. I should be back in San Francisco by July 3/4. Tell me soon?

If anyone is interested in having some fun after this you should let me know and email at the usual address.

also I am trying a new service for holding some of my photo's images from my trip so far, let me know what you think...